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World Congress Of Psychologists (WCOP) MOTTO:






WCOP Objectives :

1. To bring Psychological services from across the globe under one umbrella.
2. To provide psychological services of international standard.
3. To create awareness among the public about the benefits of utilizing psychological services to enhance their quality of life.

4. To share and update knowledge and skill through National and International  WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, CONFERENCES
5. To impress upon the Governments the need and importance of Counselling services in Hospitals, Industries, Police, Judiciary, Sports, Banks, Prisons and in  Educational Institutions, society etc.. where ever psychologists services are in need.

         6. To train the Psychologists to achieve counselling skills through workshops, involving national and international trainers.

7. WCOP works on to open State Chapters in India as well as in other countries.

8. WCOP works on that under each State Chapter the Regional, District level, Mandal level chapters will be formed.

9. WCOP works on to run journals, newsletters etc.

10. WCOP works on to run the courses in Consultation with appropriate Authorities.

11. WCOP works on to run counseling centres independently or jointly with other institutes or bodies etc.

12. WCOP works on to appoint appropriate or required personnel and advisory Members i.e. Patrons, Chief Patrons, Asst. Secretaries, Core Committee Members etc. with two years term

13. WCOP works on to conduct counseling training programmes at various levels.

14. WCOP works on that it tries to procure the land from Government to go for construction of WCOP Offices. Counseling centres at Central, State, Regional, District level and Mandal level etc..

15. WCOP works on to appoint counseling Psychologists to extend services to all kinds of people and institutions who are experiencing Psychological illnesses.

16. WCOP works on that it shall take up Government Programmes (Welfare) both at Central and State.

17. WCOP works on that it will give Best Performance Awards to people from all Organizations.  The WCOP works on follow the norm (eligibility) in forming the State / Countries local chapters both India and Abroad i.e. the President and Secretary of the local chapters shall have the PG Psychology and also work in the department of Psychology in any institution or at least either President or Secretary shall work in the department of Psychology  with PG Psychology degree is enough when the President, Secretary, Treasurer of WCOP has confidence on them.

18. WCOP works for the Welfare of Students and protect their rights, WCOP  makes liaison with concerned authorities regarding any issues arising validity of certificate, degrees, etc.  WCOP helps bringing their plight / trouble before concerned Competent Authority / Commission / Court f Law.